With technological advancement, a number of apps have been made readily available to help operations in businesses very easy. A few years ago, most business operations required manual resources, which is rather unfashionable as improved technology has provided business users with numerous apps that can be efficiently used to make general operations easy. Moving with the ongoing trend gives you good leverage in a highly competitive market and also makes the best of your investments. Some of these applications are for smartphones while others are used for computers and some are robust enough and can be used by both computers and smartphones.

Below are six apps that can help you run your business more efficiently:


EMERGE is a detailed e-commerce management package that gives its users, multiple channel inventory management platform and accounting solution. This application can be used by wholesale distributors and e-commerce dealers. It offers a flexible payment plan for different scales of businesses. It provides features for emerging businesses to deal with offline distribution and online e-commerce sales.

Benefits of EMERGE App?

It avails users the opportunity to efficiently handle their customers thereby improving customer services by providing the following solutions:

  • The ability to set financial controls for each customer
  • Proper documentation of customer’s payment status
  • Details of customers interactions such as quotations and sales order
  • The ability to track Inventories including adjustments made and transferred between locations

Helps with accounting and Finances:

EMERGE App can be used to generate a statement of account for customers, audit payments made, and also used to generate an invoice for suppliers. It helps with proper documentation credit and debit transactions and automated updates on finance transactions.

Efficient Record Keeping:

Helps sales representatives monitor stocks in the warehouse, to determine the availability of goods for customers orders. The product module stores inventories for over 500 SKUs and this inventory is updated in real time, once purchases are made. Physical inventories are only deducted when delivery for that order is issued.


Asana is a well-known project management software that aids communication and encourages teamwork. Asana can be used to design projects, tasks and track the advancement of those task using different browsers and devices. Team members can be added to the project created while files and ideas can be shared for easy communication. With Asana, one can do away with

Emails and other apps for communication. Note sharing, uploads of attachments (in a different format) and organising task are also made simple. Once a change is made or a task assigned, the app users received notifications. You can draw attention to other users by mentioning their names in the comment section. Asana balances timely delivery and effective communication.

Asana helps employees manage their workspace, prioritise and arrange their tasks, upload files, delegate duties and make good reports. This app aids customer support by providing a support team that customers can reach out to.


Slack is a messaging app for easy communication. Slack app offers instant messaging, logging, and the quest for advanced teams. It encourages teamwork because all members of a team can communicate in one location. It provides built-in and external sharing alternatives for easy file sharing. Slack app is equipped with advanced searches, filters and sorting that makes it easy to locate the appropriate file. 

QuickBooks online

QuickBooks Online is an accounting suite that is idle for small businesses. It is easy to use and provides features like payroll, A/R and A/P, inventory reports and financial statements and does not require the operator to be a finance expert. It aids Online banking by synchronising with accounts from numerous financial institutions. QuickBooks Online gives access to your account from mobile devices and harmonises with many other apps for added functions.


According to finance online, from different market survey and research, Pipedrive is the best CRM and sales pipeline management system for vendors and growing business. With Pipedrive you have a good summary of your sales and helps you concentrate on your preferred deals.

The app is easy to use by most sales representatives. It allows you integrate Google features and apps and numerous other apps.  This app helps you distinguish between leads and important deals and proffers an individual approach for each of them instantly. With Pipedrive you can negotiate deals, promote your brand and update certain conditions. It allows you switch from one module to another without any impact on service quality. Pipedrive supports about thirteen languages and works with a wide range of currencies. Pipedrive also provides a pricing plan that accommodates various companies budget.


Canva is a graphic design tool that can be used to design marketing material, social media posts, books and images. Canva has a free version, though you need to subscribe to the professional version. This tool enables you to add layers to your images thereby producing attractive images for various use. Files can be shared via email or links and other members of the team can edit them.

Canva can allow up to about thirty people work on a single project.

Canva provides a library of pictures can be used as background for your designs, free frames, illustration and charts that can make designing easy. Canva offers you a robust tool that enables you produce lovely images that would satisfy your clients.

Listed above are six apps that can do wonders for your business by increasing productivity and ensuring that you complete more tasks in a shorter time frame. Each unique in its features, but is ultimately focused on increasing productivity and revenue.