Right in the Riviera Maya you will encounter into one of the most beautiful places in the world. Tulum is a small town located in Quintana Roo, right in the Yucatan Peninsula.  Its spectacular coastline is composed by numerous beaches with jade-blue waters, ancient ruins, natural cenotes, restaurants and different attractions. This place is suitable for any type of traveler, from luxurious places to budget adventurers. Tulum is definitely a must-see in your travel list, and here we give you a guide of all the things that you can do  on your visit here.

1. How to get there?

There are two ways to get to Tulum, either by flying to Cancun and driving two hours by car there, or flying to Cozumel and taking a forty minute ferry and an hour drive to Tulum. Some people may consider renting a car a good idea, but know that often renting a car in Tulum turns out cheaper than doing it at the airport.

2. What is the weather like?

Depending on the season you are traveling you should really attempt to check the forecast to be ready for any type of weather. Tulum has its sunny days and its rainy days, so you really should consider this when packing. Also, don’t always trust the weather forecast and just make sure that you are prepared for any unexpected change.

3. Things to do there:

A. Visit the ruins
One of Tulums more famous attractions is their ancient ruins. Due to their location, these ancient Mayan ruins are just overlooking to the ocean which makes the experience even more incredible. Given that the beach is right in front of them, you are able to tour around and then make your way to the gorgeous beach to spend the day.

B. Visit the cenotes
There is a numerous amount of cenotes in this place. You will find from public ones opened to everyone, to hidden spots, or even some in preservation. Make sure you pay a visit to one of them, and in the ones open to the public you are allowed to dive in and relax in the crystal clear waters.

C. Enjoy the beach
Tulum has one of the most gorgeous beaches that you’ll find in the Mayan Riviera, and in the world. With its jade-blue waters and white sand, you will be able to relax and also to hit some party hotspots depending on your mood.

4. Language spoken there:

Although Tulum is a touristic place and a lot of people speak English, the main language is Spanish. Something that you should consider when traveling here, so that if you are not a Spanish speaker, you can bring along a dictionary, if it is needed.

5. What should you pack?

A. Sunblock because you will want to avoid sun burns.
B. Bathing suits because regardless what you do you will be around water and beaches
C. Sandals and tennis shoes for exploring and beach days, because you never know how your day is going to be.
D. Mexican pesos, exchange your money into the local currency, given that Tulum is a small town and in certain places they only take pesos.