Benefits of Regular Septic Tank Pumping

The septic system is a large component of your home’s overall wastewater and waste disposal systems. Preventative measures such as regular tank pumping can help keep your drain field in good condition and avoid costly repairs. Before you have your septic tank pumped, draw a diagram of the location of your drain field and keep it with your records.

Prevents Clogs

A septic tank is a holding unit for wastewater until it can reach the drain field. If solids overflow into the drain field, it can cause clogs leading to sewage back-up in your home or yard and a health hazard for your family. Additionally, suppose sewage escapes from the septic system and travels to nearby water sources such as lakes and ponds. In that case, it can pollute underground water sources and create algal blooms that are toxic to wildlife. Regular¬†septic tank pumping¬†prevents clogs and allows the microorganisms to break down waste properly. The more solids that build up in the septic tank, the harder it is for bacteria to break them down and pass them on to the drain field. If you notice a gurgling noise coming from multiple drains, it’s probably time to get your septic tank pumped! Property damage from a blocked septic tank may be expensive and challenging.

Saves Money

Solid waste builds up when a septic tank isn’t pumped regularly and can leak into the home. It can cause sewage odor and back-ups, which are costly to repair. Keeping your tank pumped reduces the risk of this, saving you money. A clean septic tank can also add value to your property if you consider selling. Potential buyers will likely purchase your home with a well-maintained septic system.

Septic tank cleaning is a process that requires special equipment to empty the tank and transport it for disposal safely. Attempting to do this alone can expose you to disease-causing bacteria and chemicals. It can also lead to clogs in your pipes and a bacterial imbalance in the septic tank. It’s much safer and more cost-effective to have professionals in residential septic services handle septic tank pumping and cleaning. They’ll save you from expensive repairs and make sure your septic tank lasts for years.

Prevents Damage

Like all plumbing fixtures in your home, a septic tank can only become damaged with proper cleaning and maintenance. Damaged septic systems can cause waste backflow, which is not only unpleasant to deal with but can also be dangerous. It means sewage can enter your home and even flood your yard, which isn’t only embarrassing but can cost you a lot of money to repair.

Regular septic tank pumping prevents solids from overflowing into your drain field. Over time, the septic tank can fill up with sludge which could be more effective at breaking down wastewater. It can oversaturate the soil, causing a pre-mature field malfunction or sewage back-ups into your house. When scheduled for your next septic tank pumping, ask the service technician to inspect your septic system and distribution box. The inspection should tell you everything you need to know about your septic tank and how often it needs to be pumped. It will ensure you don’t get into any trouble down the line.

Prevents Unnecessary Repairs

The more solid waste accumulating in your septic tank, the greater the chance of it spilling into your drain field. It can cause your septic system to malfunction and create backflow into your home. Pumping your septic tank prevents this from happening. Sewage leaks and backflow into your home can lead to costly repairs, but they are not the only issues with a clogged or damaged septic system. Untreated sewage can also flow into groundwater, such as lakes and rivers, polluting underground water supplies used by animals and people. Regular septic tank pumping keeps a healthy balance of water and waste in the tank and facilitates proper wastewater treatment. It protects your lawn and home, helps prevent unpleasant odors, and saves money on expensive repairs and cleanup. Investing in maintenance is better than dealing with the cost and hassle of a major septic system failure later. Septic tank pumping will also enhance the value of your property when it comes time to sell.