The internet is both scary and amazing. Ever notice how eerily accurate some ads are that you see? You’re not just imagining it. Someone’s watching you. 

Top privacy issues with the internet today include spying, mishandling of personal information, and location tracking. 

It’s hard to trust the internet when everything you do is being watched. Those who want to leave an invisible print online can use Google Incognito Mode. Is Google’s private browsing as discreet as it sounds? Keep reading to find out. 

What Google Incognito Mode Can Hide

Google Chrome incognito mode is ideal for those who want to surf the web in a more secretive way. It’s also great for people who need to share a computer but not what they are doing online. Incognito mode on Google allows you to browse the web as if you are a new user on a website. 

Your cache history, login data, and auto-fill web forms are never saved. Without this data, websites and advertisers are unable to identify you and bombard you with ads. 

You should use private browsing if you are sharing a PC with your family or decide to use a public computer. Going incognito is as simple as clicking on the three vertical dots on the top right corner of Chrome. The browser will open a new window and appear black. 

What Google Incognito Mode Can’t Hide

People who use Google incognito mode at work or school have less protection. Your educational institute or workplace will still have access to what you do online. 

The same goes for those who have an internet provider at home. ISPs can still see everything. Search engines also have access to your activity. Even in incognito mode, your IP address, real-time activity, and login identity when visiting a website remain visible. 

Anything you download is not private. Google will save everything in your “downloads” folder for anyone to access. Google Chrome also retains all bookmarks you create. The same goes for preferences, accessibility changes, and settings. 

If you desire enhanced privacy, you will need something beyond Google Chrome incognito. You should take advantage of encrypted services. View this service to safeguard your encrypted data and email. 

Incognito mode on Google is useful, but it has its limits. It does not stop everyone from looking at what you do online. Certain people are still able to view places you visit. 

Understanding the Limits of Google Incognito Mode 

The sad news is that the Google Incognito Mode is not enough to fully protect you and your personal data. It does offer some cloak of invisibility by wiping browsing history, cookies, and information you enter on forms. This is where the benefits stop. 

You’re always at risk of exposing certain website data information such as emails. Private data on your PC is also not secure.

You require extra protection to keep unwanted eyes away from sensitive information, communication data, and backups. Security apps and VPNs are something to look into. 

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