Email Marketing vs SMS Marketing

With a good understanding of the different marketing methods, you would choose between these channels for your specific business requirement.

This article will talk about SMS marketing and email marketing.

Email marketing is one of the marketing approaches where emails are used to promote a brand’s offers, sales alerts, services, greetings, etc. 

This marketing method continues to be an effective digital marketing technique, as there are more than two hundred million emails sent out every minute of every day. 

In this modern age of digital era, emails are interactive, colorful, and inviting. This marketing channel allows brands to send highly personalized, 

You can nurture your leads, keep them engaged with your brand, and encourage them to take action with email marketing.

For email marketing, you need to find emails or search emails to build a prospect list. 

How to search emails?

You may use email lookup tools such as search emails with high accuracy. 

With big data & machine learning algorithms, this tool identifies the correct email format of your prospects.

Advantages of email marketing

  • When compared with other marketing channels, email marketing gives a high conversion rate, nearly 2.3 percent.
  • More than ninety percent of users check their email at least once a day.
  • The return on investment is also high in email marketing.

Threats in email marketing

  • When you don’t have a quality email list, you might be targeting the incorrect audience. Such recipients would delete your emails or report them. 

As a result, all your emails will be marked as spam.

  • If your email is not well optimized, it won’t serve anything good for your brand.

So, that was about email marketing. Now, let us see about SMS marketing.

SMS marketing: What is it?

Like email marketing, SMS marketing is also a fastly-growing communication channel. 

It’s so hard to find people without mobile phones these days. Do you agree?

The benefits of mobile phones make them ideal for engaging with a broader audience. 

In SMS marketing, businesses use permission-based text messages to communicate promotional messages to the audience. 

The objective of SMS marketing is to grow the prospects database and enhance customer loyalty and high conversion rate.

Does SMS marketing have any advantages like email marketing?


Here are some benefits of SMS marketing;

  • More than sixty percent of the audience uses SMS over call or email, as it is a convenient way to instantly connect with the brands. 
  • When you have the right approach, SMS can help a business sell more as the open rate in this marketing channel is more than ninety-five percent. 
  • SMS marketing is a cost-effective and time-saving approach and can be easily integrated with other channels.

So, these were some of the advantages while applying SMS marketing.

This marketing channel also comes with some disadvantages, for example;

  • You would not be able to share promotional messages to the users until they are opt-in.
  • Sending a text message comes with a word limitation; hence, when sharing a personalized SMS campaign, you need to convey your message within the set limit.
  • When a brand sends unlimited messages that are non-structured, it would be considered spam messages. 

Final Thoughts

Both SMS marketing and email marketing are ideal channels to conduct your brand marketing activities. 

With a good understanding of these two channels, you may even combine them.

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