Face the Trends - Finding the Perfect Trendy Glasses Frames for Your Face Shape

Finding the perfect frames can be daunting. Often, a pair of glasses that look great on display may disappoint you in-store or vice versa.

To streamline your choices, begin by identifying your face shape. It will help you find the frames that complement your shape and bring out your best features.

Oval Face

With a broad forehead that is marginally narrower than the jawline, oval-shaped faces have proportionately balanced features. This face shape looks great in anything from cat eye frames to traditional aviators, and it can pull off practically any trendy glasses frames for women. Try translucent crystal frames that let your eyes shine through while giving your ensemble a touch of modern or retro edge for a more understated yet striking statement.

If you need clarification on your face shape, start by looking in the mirror and assessing the width of your forehead, the length of your jawline, and the size of your cheekbones. Then, take a picture of yourself and assess the similarities in your facial contours to help determine what shape you are.

While knowing your face shape can be helpful, it shouldn’t impede your creativity when finding the perfect frames for you. Most people have a combination of a few types of faces, so there’s no reason to settle for a pair that doesn’t make you feel confident and beautiful.

This year, oval-shaped faces will rock the rounded square frames worn by celebrities for a balanced style that complements the softness of their facial features. Other popular options for this frame type include rectangular frames, accentuated by metallic or tortoiseshell accents for a polished aesthetic that pairs well with casual and formal clothing. Aviator-style frames are also an excellent choice for this face shape, as they add a bold, masculine touch without overwhelming soft facial features.

Heart-Shaped Face

A heart-shaped face typically features a broad forehead and narrow chin. People with this face shape have rounded cheeks and high cheekbones and are considered the most versatile of all the different face shapes because they can balance soft and angular features. If you have a heart-shaped face, choose glasses that balance your forehead with the narrowness of your chin. Look for frames with a wider bottom and low-set temples, such as Windsor or rimless styles. Also, avoid frames that are too wide or have an excessively short layering on the top of your head because this can draw attention to your forehead.

While it’s essential to remember that these face-shape descriptions are not hard and fast rules, using them as a guideline can help you narrow down the options for your perfect frames. The goal is to find a pair to complement your facial contours and bring symmetry and balance to your look. 

Square Face

Once you’ve figured out your face shape, making functional and fashionable eyeglasses can be easy. The frames you choose should complement your face rather than highlight or contrast with it. Choosing the right frame style will make you look your best and feel confident in your glasses.

To find the perfect pair of frames for your square face, try experimenting with different styles and materials to soften your angular features. Round frames are an excellent option for this face shape, as they can draw attention away from your strong jawline by creating a curve in your chin. Additionally, browline frames offer a fashion-forward take on this classic frame style, with thicker tops that mimic how your eyebrows naturally frame your face.

Regarding angular features, you want to avoid frames that share similar angles with your face shape, which can accentuate your facial shape. Instead, opt for frames that are wider at the forehead and narrower at the cheekbones to balance out your face shape.

When it comes to the chin, you want to opt for a slightly pointed chin to help balance your square face. It can be achieved by experimenting with different frame shapes and materials. For example, a rounded acetate frame will soften your chin and add depth to your face.

Round Face

Identifying your face shape and the complementary frame styles is the key to finding a look you love. But remember that these guidelines are manageable rules. Instead, they are designed to help you create a cohesive and flattering look that shows off your individuality.

Round faces feature rounded features across the forehead and cheeks, with soft jawlines and chins. Angular frames and bold edges balance these softer features, creating definition and contrast. Square, rectangular, and cat eye frames are all great options for this face shape.

Heart-shaped faces are narrower than oval ones and have more defined cheekbones. For this reason, curved frames work well to highlight these features. Square and aviator glasses also complement heart-shaped faces, while you may want to avoid bottom-heavy or decorative frames that overwhelm your face.

Oval faces are long and have rounded features in the forehead and jawline. A slight narrowing at the temples and forehead balances these features. This face shape can pull off almost any glasses frame style, from oversized to bold and fun colors. However, it is best to avoid narrow shapes that could shorten the appearance of an oval face.

Triangle face shapes feature a narrow forehead and wide jawline but have a broader top than the bottom of the face. This face shape looks good with most frame styles but is particularly flattering in frames that are heavy on detail and color on the top half of the frame.