Fall is a great time to plan a vacation and take some time to enjoy yourself before the craziness of the Christmas season begins in full swing. Not only can the weather be ideal during the fall in most places, even popular tourist towns are likely to be less crowded before school holidays hit and more people are packing airports and hotels. A good vacation planner can make this process a stress free one, so all the traveler has to worry about is how many comfy sweaters and pairs of thick socks to pack. Here are the top three fall trips that qualify as must do vacations for 2018.

Watch the Leaves Change in The Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Accessible from the states of North Carolina or Tennessee, this national park centers around the mountain range and the abundant foliage all around it. The park is home to a wide range of animals that visitors can spot moving locations and preparing for hibernation in the fall months. In the fall months, the pioneer log cabins and canopy of leaves transport visitors back to America’s early days. With thousands of years of history and animal residents of many species, the park can be a highly educational family vacation destination.

Enjoy the Stunning Visuals of Kyoto, Japan

Fall in Kyoto is enchanting, with the smell of freshly roasted chestnuts filling the air and maple leaves turning from green to bright shades of red and gold. This fall foliage creates a beautiful backdrop for the intricate details found on local temples and monuments. The city is a popular destination with Japanese nationals who know that its one of the most breathtaking areas in the nation during autumn. Weather here is beautifully temperate in the fall, making it easy for visitors to tour the area on foot. Plus, fall here can last a full two months, giving visitors a large window of time to plan a stay. The autumn season here tends to start in late September and last until November, when snow starts to fall.

Watch Fall Turn Into Winter Fast in Alaska

While Alaska does have a breathtakingly beautiful Fall season that brings rich autumn colors to the forefront, the season is much shorter than in other parts of the country and happens earlier than in other states. By the time October hits, the autumn leaves have fallen from Alaskan trees and snow has started to creep across the landscape. The juxtaposition of autumn leaves and the cold frost of winter makes for some remarkable photo opportunities. Plus, at any time of year, there is plenty of breathtaking Alaskan wildlife and tall mountains to take in.

Fall is a great time to take in nature’s majestic beauty from destinations all around the world. Whether it is a short weekend trip or a longer extended vacation that allows for more exploration of the area, a vacation that celebrates fall can be a once in a lifetime experience.