How Can I Play With Cryptocurrency?

Playing casino games is a thrilling adventure. The new age of online casino gameplay now allows you to make bets using cryptocurrency as an alternative to fiat currency. Here’s how you can play with cryptocurrency on the DefiPlay interface. 

Connect Your Crypto Wallet

Before you can enjoy a crypto gaming experience, you must connect your crypto wallet to your DefiPlay account. They work with the most well-known crypto wallets such as MetaMask, Trust Wallet, and Coinbase. 

Check that your crypto wallet is compatible with the DefiPlay interface. If not, you will have to open a compatible wallet and transfer your crypto to it accordingly before proceeding with placing your bets on casino games. 

Best Features of DefiPlay

One of the best features of DefiPlay is that they utilize Polygon to assist with Ethereum’s scalability. Hence, more transactions can occur at a faster pace on the website without issues such as lagging process time. 

The website utilizes zero-trust software to enhance the safety and security of crypto wallet transactions as players place their bets. This means that everyone using the DefiPlay interface must be verified accordingly with their correct identity before they are allowed to connect their crypto wallet to place bets. 

You can visit the Help Center to find resources on how to connect various crypto wallets to your DefiPlay account. Read quick guides on how to play the available games on the website. 

Games You Can Play Using Cryptocurrency 

The DefiPlay games platform is one of the ways that you can enjoy fun games using your cryptocurrency. They are known as a trademark gaming destination for a blockchain European roulette gaming experience. 

European roulette is currently up and running to play on the platform. However, slots will be soon available to play as the developers are still working to get this game working. 

As DefiPlay increases its user pool and enhances the overall gameplay experience, there may be more casino games available in the future such as Blackjack, Poker, or Baccarat. Check back on their website for further updates.