Today, about 33% of United States consumers feel the need to trust any company they do business with. A little bit of transparency goes a long way toward sustaining this trust. 

Creating accurate invoices can help you build this trust, while also making your company more organized. 

So what should you know about putting together the best invoice templates? We’re happy to help. 

Keep reading to figure out how to create and use the best invoice template. 

Know How Much You’re Charging and for What Services

There’s never room for error when it comes to letting customers know how much they’re paying for their services. 

Creating invoice templates will help you to do business that is transparent and productive. Each invoice template that you create should list services point by point, with the price right next to it. 

You can grab a free invoice template that includes space for you to explain services rendered and the price charged for each. Consider downloading an invoice template Excel that can quickly calculate balances using mathematical formulas. 

Accuracy is king and will help you have cleaner record-keeping. 

Choose the Most Helpful Invoice Template and Software

Creating invoice templates is easier when you have the right software or other tools. From here, you can churn out invoices quickly by plugging in fresh information for the new customer that you’re doing business with. 

Try out an invoice template Google Docs if you’d like to create your invoices on the cloud. You can also download and use an invoice template Word if you want to create them offline. 

Each template should include space for an invoice number that your customer can reference, and that will help you keep detailed records. 

Focus on the Details and Include Contact Info of Both Parties

All templates should include your company’s contact info as the header. This means your official company name or “Doing Business As” (DBA), physical or mailing address, e-mail address, phone number, website, and any other info. 

You should also include as much information as possible about the customer. Doing business is a binding contract, so never cut corners with these ever-important details. 

List Any Disclaimers or Return Policies

The invoice should also explain services that the customer should know about, such as purchase disclaimers or return policies. 

Today, upward of 10% of in-store purchases and 40% of online purchases are returned. Having a clear-cut return policy that you stick to will prevent any confusion and will help you enforce it. 

The invoice template should explain the customers’ obligation in the return process, so that they immediately know the correct steps to take. 

You can build an invoice template PDF that includes your disclaimers and return policies on each document. 

Use the Most Effective Invoice Templates

The tips above will serve you when you’re trying to create the best possible invoice template for your company. Start with these points and put together invoices that improve the way you do business. 

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