It may come as a surprise to find that the global cake market is a multi-billion dollar industry! After all, a good cake is the staple of any birthday celebration.

When choosing a cake, there are different factors you’ll need to consider. However, if the dessert is for your child, you’ll need to pay extra attention to what your little one likes to help make their birthday special.

If you’re not sure how to choose the best birthday cake, you’ll want to keep reading for some of the most essential things to keep in mind. 

Choose Based on Theme

More often than not, when planning a child’s birthday party, you’ll choose a theme. This is often one of their interests, like a television show or movie, or even about a sport or book they like. This will impact everything from decorations to birthday party catering.

Once you’ve decided on the party’s theme, you can request a cake that fits the theme. For example, if they like ocean animals, a shark-shaped cake is a great option.

Older children may not have an explicit theme, but you can still tie the cake to their interests. For example, if they like music, choosing an edgier cake can help them feel special without feeling like a child. 

Explore Flavor Options

Next, you’ll need to consider your flavor options. This is the most essential aspect of the birthday party cake, as you’ll want everyone, especially your child, on their special day, to enjoy their cake. 

Younger children like simple flavors like plain old chocolate and vanilla. However, you can deviate a little, like choosing a brownie-flavored cake or cookies and cream icing. 

For older children, you may want to steer towards more mature flavors. Paying attention to their flavor palette can help you make the best choice that they will enjoy. Options include mocha, hazelnut, raspberry, and toffee.

Consider Add-Ons

Finally, you’ll want to consider additional embellishments to help elevate your child’s birthday party cake to the next level. This can help make the cake more appealing and keep it on the theme. 

Whether you buy a cake or make one on your own, decorating your little one’s cake is a great way to help make them feel extra special. 

Examples include printing digital, edible photos, fun toppers, writing, and cake cart. You can even add a “sprinkle bomb” to the middle of the cake for a fun surprise when you cut into it. 

Choose the Best Birthday Cake for Your Little One

Whether you choose to buy or make a cake, you’ll want to keep your child’s interests, likes, and dislikes in mind to ensure you make their special day memorable. 

Remember, you’ll need to get estimates for the cake if you plan on buying it from a baker. 

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