Cooking pot

Due to the current pandemic, many businesses have closed down and many people have lost their job. In order to survive this pandemic, many are looking for quick solution to make ends meet. These days many are turning to home cooking instead of dining out in the cafes or restaurants. Not everyone can cook and not everyone has a proper kitchen to cook even a simple meal for themselves especially if they are just renting a room. These are the people that will need to rely on food delivery to send the food that they have ordered online to their doorsteps.

If you can cook, you and your friends can help your community by cooking and feeding the less fortunate and those badly affected by the pandemic. There are many kind souls out there wanting to help and if everyone comes together, something good can be done. All you need is a good coordinator that is able to plan and get things moving. Money will come in from those who can afford once the word goes out. In order to cook for the community, you will need some cheap and practical cooking equipment and you can buy them from eBay.

For a first timer, you may find it overwhelming and difficult to know where to begin when you find yourself in such a large website with so many features for both buyers and sellers. If you are not looking for business opportunities but only to buy something that you saw on eBay such as the cooking equipment that you think is a good deal, you can do so without being a member of eBay. You can shop for anything as a guest buyer as long as the item costs less than $5,000. If you are not a member, then you are without an eBay account and that means you will just be missing out on the benefits of being a member. 

Let us say that you saw some cheap cooking equipment on eBay that you would like to buy. You can do so by going to checkout to complete your purchase in just a few simple steps. 

  • Select the item you want to buy and select Buy It Now.
  • Select Check out as guest.
  • Fill in your shipping address, email address, and payment details.
  • Select Confirm and pay. You may choose to pay for the item using PayPal, credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

When you buy an item on eBay as a guest, you will receive a guest order confirmation email. This order email will enable you to find the guest order details, to track an order as a guest, or to contact the seller. If the seller is using a tracked delivery service to move cooking equipment, you can follow your order’s progress all the way to your shipping address. You will also need this email to start a return if there is a need to send back the cooking equipment.  As we all know, deliveries of our shipment could be delayed due to the pandemic. We need to be patient by giving a few extra days for the order to reach you.