In the US, around 74% of homeowners do some sort of DIY pest control (this number’s 69% for renters). While it’s good to stay on top of things and shoo away unwanted critters in your house, there’s only so much you can do on your own.

It’s always a good idea to have a pest control company come check things out. But that’s only one part of pest control; to truly keep them at bay, you need preventative pest control services.

If you’re wondering whether preventative pest control is necessary, then the answer is “yes”! Here are all the reasons why.

You Might Have an Active Infestation

Pests are tricky since many are prey animals, which means they’ll hide away from sight. You might not even think you have any in your house, but as soon as a professional comes, they’ll pinpoint what’s eluded you.

It’s vital to start with preventative services, as you might be able to kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

Pests Are a Risk to Your Health

Bites from pests can become infected. And some pests are venomous, so a bite can quickly turn serious and life-threatening.

Also, pests bring in disease, and you don’t even need to touch them to be infected. Just exposure to their waste products can be enough!

Preventative pest control ensures your household’s health won’t be in peril.

Pests Damage Your Home

You’ve made a huge investment into your house; don’t let it be ruined by something as simple as a few mice or termites. Not only can this require costly repairs, but it can also affect your home’s value as well.

Preventative pest control protects your investment so if you want to sell in the future, you’ll get the maximum value possible. It’ll also save on pre-sale repairs you’ll need to make.

You Can Make Your Home Impenetrable

Many homeowners don’t know that their properties are extremely vulnerable to pests. But the good news is, these vulnerabilities can be fixed to make homes impenetrable.

For example, you might have small holes in the wall you never knew about. Or you haven’t thought twice about your lush garden.

A pest control company can help identify cracks and holes, as well as seal them. And they can also advise you on how to better do your landscaping to eliminate hiding spots and access to your home.

When you’re ready, you should contact a pro like to get started.

Get Preventative Pest Control Today

Preventative pest control is necessary for all properties, not just ones that have current pest problems. If you aren’t proactive, then you’ll be inviting trouble into your home.

So don’t try to cut a few corners and save a few bucks by avoiding professional pest control services. It’ll be just what you need to safeguard your household for years to come.

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