Are you among the more than 28% of travelers looking to spend more this summer? Well, there are lots of staycation ideas that you should explore. But first, you must learn how to prepare for a staycation.

A staycation is just as good as going for a holiday. It helps you unwind and rejuvenate from the monotony that plagues our everyday lives. Just like other things, you must plan for a staycation to get the best out of life.

So what if you are unfamiliar with the best staycation planning ideas? Don’t stress out. This article has got you covered; dive in for tips.

1. Start By Selecting the Place

Choosing a destination is the logical thing to do first when you’re planning for a vacation. You can only look for accommodation once you settle on a destination. When it comes to staycations, things are a little different.

The whole point of a staycation is remaining indoors. So it’s only right that you begin the preparations by deciding where you want to stay. And there are lots of options at your disposal.

You can choose from luxury resorts, Airbnbs, boutique hotels, guesthouses, and backpacker hostels, among others, as your place of stay. Just try and get a place in secluded and serene locations. Such locations help you forget about the hassle and bustle of city life.

Work with places that adhere to all COVID-19 precautions for your safety. Research if the area you’ve opted for had any recent cases before committing to it. It’s also prudent to go through a place’s terms and conditions of stay beforehand to determine if they suit you.

Inquire about the facilities a place offers when weighing your options. Besides, go for places that have the facilities that you consider unique. This will make your stay extra special.

2. The Essential Requirements for the Staycation

A year or two ago, tourist states had all sorts of travel restrictions. You couldn’t visit some locations without an online permit and a negative Covid-19 test certificate that you got within 72 hours of travel. Right now, institutions have relaxed some of these rules, but the coast isn’t clear yet.

The place you’d like to go to has its set of rules and norms. When you go to Rome, you must do as the Romans do. So, get clarification on the requirements of your place of choice and fulfill them before hitting the road.

Make sure you go for a test before traveling, even if a place doesn’t require one. Your test results will shield you from blame in case there’s an outbreak in the area you visit. Some people quickly turn their visitors into convenient scapegoats whenever a misfortune befalls them.

Essential requirements include the things you must carry during the staycation. These may consist of a medicine box for common sicknesses and a first-aid kit for emergencies. Figure out what’s essential for your staycation and bring them with you.

3. Deciding on What You’ll Do

Think of a staycation as a local holiday you should maximize. This means you’ll need to come up with some fun activities to engage in during your stay. Prior planning on the activities will save you from stressing out trying to find something exciting to do as the staycation progresses.

Now, there are no right or wrong answers with regards to deciding on the activities. Perhaps sitting indoors and baking is your thing. Or maybe you like exploring and learning more about new locations.

Whatever your decision, talk to the manager of the place you’re going to stay. You’ll learn about the availability of the activities you’d like to indulge in, the exact locations where you can find them, and the cost estimates for these activities. The manager could also bring you up to speed with upcoming local tickets to fun events you didn’t know about.

A summer staycation can go from fun to strenuous if you’re suddenly spending more than you anticipated. You’ll avoid such pitfalls by pre-planning your activities, especially if they are outdoor ones. If you don’t have ideas on what activities to participate in, ask for some ideas from your circle.

4. Choose the Mode of Transport

How do you want to reach the place you’ve selected for your staycation? The answer is not straightforward as you have to consider some factors. The most important one is time.

Air travel is economical, fast, and ideal for traveling long distances. This mode of transport comes in handy when you have a sense of urgency. For example, when you book a place a few hours just before the check-in time.

Traveling in a personal or rental car adds spices things up. It adds the element of going on a road trip to the whole experience. This mode of transport is preferable for short distances with an adventurous terrain.

The downside of personal cars is the rising cost of gas that places are experiencing right now. High volatile gas prices can eat into your staycation budget. Using trains or buses could be an alternative, but they are too public.

5. Budgeting

Everyone wants to pamper themselves with the best of the best during a staycation. However, you must be careful with your expenditure during this period. Would you love to return to an empty bank account after a couple of days of excitement?

There’s always something for everyone, depending on how deep your pocket is. Therefore, take time to budget for all the things you’ll need during your staycation. You can go big on certain activities but only to the point that won’t hurt your finances later.

Escape the Mundane Life

They say all work with no play makes Jack a dull boy. Take time off your normal routine and plan a staycation to help you unwind. Your mind and body need periodic rest to rejuvenate to perform at your best.

Staycations are fun, but only if you plan them well in advance. You’ll love it when you implement the above tips.

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