St Lucia

A volcanic island in the middle found in the middle of the Lesser Antilles, it’s a location that’s packed brim with rugged coastlines and mountainous peaks, jungles and rainforests, and beautiful landscapes that are considered some of the best in the entire Caribbean. Due to its position and topography, it isn’t considered the usual rest and relaxation destination, but rather a place to have adventures and more adrenaline-fused activities than on other similar locations.

The entire St. Lucia is a fascinating mix of culture and history, with different sorts of cuisines and traditions coming from different cultures from several points of history. From its crumbling castles on Pigeon Island, to the plantation estates to the south, there’s plenty of history to see. That’s not to say it’s not modern .You can always stay in luxurious all-inclusive hotels, and if that doesn’t strike your fancy, you can easily rent a villa in St. Lucia, so you always have options.

There a plethora of things and activities to do in St. Lucia. Here are a few of them in no particular order.

Climb the Gros Piton

An iconic Heritage Site, the striking duo of the Pitons are a must-see location on St. Lucia. No visit there is complete without seeing the UNESCO-tagged beautiful mountain. Scaling the volcanic summit is a favorite activity for both locals and tourists, and because it’s not a particularly tall mountain, hikes to the summit take less than a day, and offer breathtaking views of the Soufriere Bay, and allow for stunning photo opportunity. Worth a visit in any time of the year.

See the Sulphur Springs

The world’s only drive-in volcano, the steaming Sulphur Springs emit plumes of smoke and ash in the hills above Soufriere, and are considered as some of the most unique locations you can visit in the entire region. They’re easily accessed on the roadways that wind up into the tropical ridges from the south of St. Lucia, while passing through inland jungles.

The Springs are too hot to bathe in, as their average temperatures are 200°C, but visitors can see them from up close – though not too close – and can peer into the collapsed crater where the heat and magma meet.

Bathe in the mud pools

Located near the Sulphur Springs, this is the perfect activity to simply relax. The mud pools are formed by trickling down from the volcanic opening in the mountain and are a spot for restoration and healing. Used since the French colonial times, now there are separate baths that are complete with changing rooms and showers each, since many visitors opt to visit the famous mud baths that de-stress, cure tensions, and relieve skin disease. The steamy pools can reach 38°C, after which you can relax in add-on pools of steamy waters that allow you to enjoy jungle views while being caressed by a light breeze.

Relax on Vigie Beach

Nothing more than a simple beach, what makes this place uniquely charming is the lack of gift shops, restaurants, and souvenir stands. Simply take your time strolling through this serene beach, and gaze at pristine waters while stepping on powdery sand. The beach is mostly secluded, and during the sunset it glows in different colors. It’s a perfect spot for beachcombing, with the occasional banyan tree and palm moving in the trade winds, along with the odd smiling local that passes by.

Enjoy romantic evenings on Anse Chastanet

Located in a little fold of high coastal mountains and deep in the green rainforests, and just around the rocky bend of Soufriere, is the resort Anse Chastanet, which is arguably the most romantic spot of any hotel in the entire Caribbean. It was designed by acclaimed architect Nick Troubetzkoy, the spacious spot boasts some of the best sweeping views of the entire south-eastern Caribbean Sea, including the UNESCO-tagged Pitons, along with unforgettable scenery and landscapes.

Visitors can settle on the sands for candlelit diners at night, and during the day they can kick back on loungers can cool off under the vine-dressed cliffs.

Get a glimpse into colonial history

Morne Fortune is a hill high up above the city streets of Castries, and is a fine spot to feel the bloody colonial history of the island. Decades and centuries of conflict that have took their toll on the entire region can be felt on this part of the hill where the British settlers have constructed a stronghold in the past. Later switched under French control, this colonial garrison has seen some seriously bloody fighting when both sides vied for the control of the region. Today Fortune is home to many ruined gun houses and batteries, along with one haunting memorial to the 27th Inniskilling Regiment.

See Marigot Bay

A true tourist hub for the entirety of St. Lucia, the little inlet that forms Marigot Bay between Castries City and Canaries on the island’s western edge, has all the attributes of a tourist Mecca. From enticing Caribbean restaurants to luxurious accommodations, it’s a perfect holiday destinations, especially since it’s located near the runways of George F.L. Airport.

Check out the lively Marina Village where you can find plenty of crafts shops and boutiques, or take up on a scuba diving expedition into the crystal clear Caribbean waters, and don’t forget to partake in the local barbeque evenings that take place all around Marigot Bay.