Streamline Your Workflow Using Mechanic Shop Software to Manage Tasks

Streamlining only sometimes means eliminating all the busy work but involves tackling these tasks more efficiently. For example, auto repair shop software can help you set and update workflow priorities. However, it will take time to retrain employees on new processes. In the meantime, try implementing automotive mechanic software that includes appointment scheduling and customer tracking.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is a business process that covers the entire supply chain, from planning through manufacturing, fulfillment and sales. A mechanic shop software solution should provide complete inventory visibility for accounting, production and sales purposes. The system should also automate the reordering of parts and offer several additional features, including work order management, a VIN decoder and license plate lookup and labor rate management with the ability to set up cost-per-hour or billable rates. Using auto repair software, prospective customers will be impressed by the level of organization in your workshop. Your technicians will save time wading through stacks of paper to find customer details or repair histories. Plus, you’ll be able to see performance indicators for your day-to-day or long-term achievements with financial reports and other insights. Ultimately, these tools will help to increase your bottom line.


It’s time to implement your new workflow after selecting the right software solution and completing shop training. Take care when transferring appointments from your old system to avoid any errors that could result in missed appointments or incomplete data for customer repairs. Ideally, this should be done during non-busy hours so technicians and service advisors can fully concentrate on the transfer process without distractions. When implementing your auto repair shop management software, you’ll want to use the task manager function to manage your team’s workload and schedule. You can even use capacity planning to optimize your shop’s workflow so that each technician has the maximum number of daily billable hours. From there, you can create accurate estimates and invoices based on labor times, parts used and other factors. Then, once work begins on a vehicle, you can send customers service reminders via email or text, track progress and notify them when their car will be ready for pickup. This helps reduce reschedules and missed appointments and allows your technicians to return to the job more quickly.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A variety of auto repair shop software systems offer different features. These include accounting software, diagnostic tools, customer relationship management (CRM), employee scheduling and payroll applications and parts inventory management platforms. Some of these are best-of-breed solutions that work with each other, while others are part of an integrated suite of software applications. CRM is crucial for managing a business’s interactions with current and potential clients.  To enhance sales, marketing, and customer care efforts, these technologies assist firms in organizing and making sense of client data. Some of a CRM system’s functions include tracking basic customer information, recording payment history and managing sales opportunities. CRM systems also provide valuable insights into a business’s operations so it can find ways to improve its processes and service. Often, these software systems are used by companies of all sizes. However, some are tailored to specific industries or niches.

Parts Ordering

Easily view parts inventory levels, shortages and surpluses. Access parts catalogs from your preferred vendors. Order original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or aftermarket parts in minutes—Automate reordering when inventory reaches preset thresholds. Tracking special orders is a critical part of managing your auto repair shop. It is important to have a system that tracks who is ordering what, when and when the order needs to be returned. A good auto shop management software includes an all-in-one portal that helps you handle customer information, quotes, jobs, invoices and parts, fleet maintenance and more. It is easy to use and provides a complete solution for your shop’s management needs. It also enables you to save all files in one location. This helps you save time and effort. It also makes it easier for your employed auto mechanics to work productively. It will also help you achieve a smoother and faster business. This, in turn, will make your customers happy, which will further help you build a strong brand image and increase your profits. It will also ensure your shop is more efficient and can provide quality services to your clients.


Creating and sending invoices is quick and easy with a complete auto repair invoicing software solution that’s integrated into your other workflow tasks. Easily convert estimates to invoices without re-entering customer or car details, track paid and unpaid invoices, and accept payments online using your seven trusted payment partners. The next-gen digital head office experience makes your customers feel in charge while empowering your team to get more done faster. At-a-glance insights and detailed performance metrics show you exactly how your shop is doing, so you can make smart decisions that propel new growth.