Train Travel

Most people don’t necessarily think of traveling by train where they’re planning a trip. But the reality is that this mode of transportation is extremely convenient, and in most cases is cheaper than airline travel.

With plenty of deals available, you might be surprised how far you can stretch your dollar by traveling by train. If you do find yourself in a train accident, it’s best to contact an experienced Amtrak derailment lawyer.

Here are some helpful tips for your next train trip:

1. Research rail passes: Services such as Amtrak allow you to look at an interactive map and plan out your trip. If you’re planning an extended vacation and will be taking more than one train, a rail pass could be a smart option. This allows you to take a maximum of eight trips over a 15-day period for a flat rate.

2. Buy tickets in advance: Amtrak’s website allows users to buy tickets in advance of the trip. While you usually can’t reserve seats, it’s convenient and less stressful to have your ticket in hand before your trip.

3. You can sleep on trains: Many people dismiss train travel because it takes longer than airline travel. But they dismiss the fact that people traveling by train can sleep on the train and purchase a sleeper car, which is basically a hotel on the rails. You will see passengers in coach sleeping, too, however.

4. Get your bags checked: While this isn’t a necessity – all coach cars have overhead storage for your bags – checking your bags can free up a ton of space. On longer journeys it’s especially worth it. Instead of having to monitor your belongings, you’re able to wander off to the dining car and other parts of the train with freedom.

5. Map out your route: Amtrak and other rail stations aren’t always in the ideal area of the city. Planning ahead and knowing where your station will be helpful once you arrive at your destination. Some stations are downtown, some require a car ride to your hotel or home.