ERP programs have been around for a while now, but not much has changed since they first came out. ERP was a large software suite that offered everything you needed to run a business. Nothing much needed to change until cloud software started getting popular.

That’s why we now have several cloud ERP solutions available. It’s gaining so much traction that the cloud ERP market is expected to grow by 11.9% annually until 2027.

A cloud ERP system is something new, so you may not know what it is or the benefits it brings. Keep reading to learn what you need to know about the top ERP systems.

What Is a Cloud ERP System

Traditional ERP software gets installed in the office. You set up a network server, install the server component of your ERP program, and put the client install on your desktop computers.

Cloud ERP systems change up that process.

Instead of needing desktop software to run your ERP solution, cloud systems operate on the internet. Your vendor hosts the software themselves. As a result, you get the benefits of an ERP program without needing a network infrastructure in your business.

Why Invest in ERP System Implementation?

Now that you understand what a cloud ERP system is, you need to determine if it’s worth investing in. Learn the benefits of cloud ERP solutions below.

Remote Access

It’s not easy to give remote access to in-house ERP systems. You either need to provide remote access to office computers for employees or manage a web server for a user interface.

All of this is built-in with a cloud ERP accounting system. Anyone can access your ERP software from anywhere in the world. 

Lower Cost

It isn’t easy to set up an IT infrastructure that can handle an on-premise ERP solution. You need a reliable network, user authentication, an IT team, and much more.

All of that costs money. You need an IT provider to keep your system running and server and network infrastructure to host everything. You can run a simplified IT system with cloud software, saving money on upfront costs.

Quicker Implementation

Implementing ERP software isn’t a quick task. It’s not a single-use program that has a small set of functions. It’s a complex program with many moving pieces that need to work well together.

You can get going with cloud ERP software almost immediately. If you’re in a rush to get going with an ERP system, cloud ERP software is a great choice.

Great Security

Security is critical for any ERP installation. Unfortunately, it’s not easy for smaller companies to invest in the infrastructure they need to protect their data. Luckily, you can turn to professional cloud ERP vendors for help.

Cloud ERP systems are built with security in mind. Whether you want to protect your accounting or supply chain software data, you don’t have to stay up at night worrying about cybercrime.

Select the Right ERP System for Your Company Today

Working without the right software means you aren’t setting your business up for success. Unfortunately, you’ll find after looking at many examples of ERP systems that it isn’t easy to set up yourself in the office.

If you’re in this situation, investing in a cloud ERP system is a great alternative. You’ll get all the benefits of an ERP system implementation without investing in the infrastructure yourself. Research your options today to get started.

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