Easter is one of the most cherished and awaited times of year for those who are young and young-at-heart. An excellent occasion to spend with family and a great opportunity to give a something to loved ones. With so many trinkets yearning for your attention at the check-out tills, it’s better to have a plan and get those loved one’s something thoughtful and memorable this season. Here are some of the best new items to gift this Easter.

‘I Love You’ storage box

 A fantastic way to remind a grandchild, niece or a nephew year-round, just how much you always mean to them, is with a ‘Guess how much I love you’ storage box. These are beautifully decorated with bright colours and bunnies with the words “I love you” artfully placed all over it. The box is easily collapsible and just as easily assembled, and then durably held together with ridged snaps for a long life. Perfect for storing anything from clothes, toys, and games to treasured memories that they will have forever.

Activity packs

Something that will keep kids interested and keep them learning is a great idea for a gift. Getting them some interactive activities packs they can share with other kids or learn along with your help is fun for the whole family. A My bunny and chick activity pack has it all, with over two-hundred stickers, four different books, some mazes and even spot the difference games. For under £5 around the holidays this packs more value than almost any other option out there.

Make your own crackers set

The rewards of giving are quickly given back when you see an activity shared with everyone at the dinner table. Rather than buying a regular cracker set, why not help the children at your family function to provide the main, snap & crack, attraction for all to laugh and enjoy. A make your own crackers set will leave smiles on the faces of those popping the crackers and that warm, proud feeling in the hearts of those who made them for all to enjoy at the table.

Gift bags

 Perhaps, you are feeling more artistic, then why not make up some tantalising gift bags that are stuffed with your own personal touch and geared towards each individual receiving them. Pack them with chocolates, plush bunnies and chicks, fluffy glitter pens, and even an Easter gift card signed by you. For everything, you need to make Easter cards and gift bags; it’s as easy as going online and having them delivered to your door. Simply pick and click your way to a great holiday season.

When looking to put smiles on everyone this Easter, a better choice than pushing your way through the stores is to get a little help from an online Easter expert like the people at Theworks.co.uk. All the details and pricing are right there, showing you what’s on sale and what you can do without spending too much. So, make Easter your new favourite season for giving, by making it fun and easy.