About 47% of people in the United States today say they attend church. This is in stark contrast to 1999 when church attendance was at 70%. 

Though church attendance is down, the benefits of going to church are just as important as ever. Knowing the importance of church will help you find a church home so that you can dedicate more time and energy to this area of your life. 

These tips will show you the main reasons to attend church. 

1) Going to Church Is an Act of Faith

Never lose sight of the faith aspect of religion. It’s easy to go to church when you’re in a good mood or well-rested, but the real test happens when you’re tired or don’t feel like it. 

There are several benefits of church attendance that you’ll appreciate when you look at it as an act of faith. 

The bible says that you reap what you sew, so when you invest in your faith through church attendance, expect to get blessings in return. Each Sunday service you attend teaches you the consistency that will pay off long-term. 

2) Preachers Often Teach in Series

It’s important to attend church because you’ll get deep and thorough teachings. Preachers often teach in series that are expounded upon on several Sundays. 

This might mean four or five-part instructional series’ on topics related to matters like:

  • Marriage and parenting
  • Financial abundance
  • Building a strong prayer life
  • Overcoming obstacles and difficulties
  • Flourishing with your spiritual gifts

When choosing a church, get online and check out some previous sermons and teaching sessions that the pastor led. Get a feel for their style and areas of focus. 

3) Church Builds Community

Going to church is about more than religion – it’s also an act of building community. This is where you’ll find friends and networking opportunities, along with some playmates for your kids. 

Check out churches like Soh.church to learn all about giving, influencing the community, and studying scripture. Bringing people together is one of the benefits of religion, and you’ll find like-minded people to navigate life with. 

4) You’ll Learn Prayer and the Scriptures

Church on Sundays provides you with a regular recharge to get through your upcoming week. Learning how to be more religious will help you start to apply prayers, scriptures, and affirmations in your daily life. 

You’ll start to put on the full armor of God, and will apply practices and tenets that can revolutionize your spiritual walk. A solid church home will send you on a fruitful journey, as you strive to learn more about Christianity. 

Learn How to Be a Better Christian

Going to church will strengthen your faith and resolve in so many ways. Make sure that you find a church with a denomination that you agree with, and take the time to dive into your bible week after week. 

Strong lives are built on faith, so do everything in your power to find a church that you resonate with so that you can attend regularly. 

Use these words of advice and rely on our other articles to build a strong spiritual foundation.