The Pew Research Center claims that 30% of the American population owns some type of gun. But by no means will the majority of them own an Ed Brown 1911. These guns are generally priced at over $3,600 and more depending on what specs you want!

Yet, although the price may seem steep, you can bet that the owners of an Ed Brown 1911 are real appreciators of classic and functional gun design. After all, the original 1911 is a masterpiece of a firearm that’s reliably served a whole range of people over the decades.

In this short guide, we’ll run through the gun’s history and more. Let’s get to it!

History of Ed Brown 1911

a few decades ago, if anyone wanted to have a competitive level 1911, they would have to go to a gunsmith to have them work on a Colt version. Since this became a regular request for many gunsmiths in the 80s, some of them decided to start making their own competition-grade aftermarket 1911 parts.

Ed Brown began making parts in 1988 and then decided to make a full 1911 version of the 1911. And to this day, Ed Brown remains a family-owned business that now has a full range of custom 1911s on offer.

What Is the Ed Brown 1911?

In straight and simple terms, the Ed Brown Classic Custom 1911 could be the best and most accurate version of a 1911 on the market! It’s forged from a solid block of steel and there is not one instance of metal injection molding or plastic on this gun. The gun is made with traditional craftsmanship.

The slide is also made from solid steel and is as smooth as butter when you rack it. Plus, everything else that’s mechanical on the gun works very well, proving that you get what you pay for. However, it would be easy to argue that any one of the other versions could be the best Ed Brown 1911.

Choose an Ed Brown 1911

There are several different Ed Brown 1911-inspired guns you can choose from these days. They include the:

  • Classic Custom
  • Special Forces
  • Kobra Carry
  • FX2
  • EB/ZEV 1911
  • EB/ZEV 1911 RMR
  • Signature Addition

There are also six other EVO editions and some California-approved models to choose from. Then, you can always request your own custom version.

Customize an Ed Brown 1911

The Ed Brown website has a section that lets you customize an Ed Brown 1911. You can choose things like your base material, caliber and slide length, and frame texture. 

Furthermore, you can choose small details like the cocking serrations and the engraving. But, there are so many other elements like the barrel, grips, and sights that you can have customized to your liking.

And here’s a tip: if you are going to get one of these guns, you should know how to disassemble a 1911 the right way to keep yours in good shape.

Invest in an Ed Brown 1911

You can see an Ed Brown 1911 as an investment gun. The quality of the whole selection of models Ed Brown offers is astounding. We recommend you get yours and enjoy the experience, rather than locking it away as a trophy.

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