Healthy Travel

As soon as you book that flight to the other side of the world for the ultimate adventure, you can kiss your healthy eating habits goodbye…right? Wrong! Contrary to popular belief about regular travelers lacking the ability to eat well on the road, it is entirely possible to focus on health while traveling. 

Sure, it can be difficult, especially if you have unique diet requirements like gluten-free or vegan. But, it is 100% possible to stay healthy while jetting off around the globe. For some, maintaining healthy eating and fitness habits is the last of their concerns while on vacay. But for those of you who travel regularly or are about to embark on a long term adventure, forgetting about health altogether is strongly advised against. 

Of course it’s important to indulge in the local international cuisine, like traditional Pad Thai in Bangkok or cheesy poutine in Canada. However, this does not mean you should forego your healthy eating habits altogether. Here’s what you can do to maintain healthy habits regarding food, fitness, and overall well-being while on the road. 

Plan Ahead for Long Travel Days

The most difficult time to eat healthy is on travel days. If the entire day consists of flights, trains, buses, boats, and cars, it’s easy to forget about healthy habits. You might only have time for a quick bite, which means a bag of greasy potato chips or package of Chips Ahoy. This doesn’t have to be the case, though. 

A leading Southeast Asia land and sea transportation company – Bookaway Vietnam – says that it’s not just important to plan ahead for transportation and accommodations, but also food. When you know that a long travel day is just around the corner, you must plan ahead. Go to the local market for a few pieces of fruit, nuts and seeds, and other health-focused snacks. This will save you from snacking on foods that make you feel guilty, not to mention they’ll save you from an upset stomach. 

Try Everything, But Remember the Importance of Moderation

While exploring the world, it is highly recommended that you try every weird, unique, and flat out crazy food item imaginable. This is your time to truly get out of your food rut and expand your palate’s horizons. Try everything, but do so in moderation. Take the advice of the world’s top food critics in order to keep their figures while also indulging; in order to get a taste of everything, consume small amounts of each dish instead of one huge meal of the same thing. 

Try to Cook When You Can

This is a general rule if you wish to eat healthy no matter where you are in the world. It depends on where you are traveling and the level of civilization offered by the area, but generally speaking you can find a local supermarket for purchasing food items. Try to follow the 2 to 1 rule; prepare 2 meals yourself and eat out for only 1 meal each day. 

If you are vacation for just a week or so, by all means eat out for every meal to get a true taste of the local culture. For those of you who work remotely as digital nomads or travel for months at a time, the 2 to 1 rule is for you. It is a solid way to eat healthy most of the time, but also allows you to treat yourself to local dishes as well. 

Opt for Walking Whenever Possible

When traveling the world, there’s more that you can do to stay healthy in addition to focusing on the foods you consume. Chances are you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get up off the couch, but try to make a conscious decision to stay as active as possible. Instead of opting for an UBER or taxi, explore the sights on foot. 

For those of you staying in one specific area for a while, look into signing up for a gym membership. Try something new and different from your normal exercise routine. For example, if you’re traveling to India, sign up for a few traditional Indian yoga classes. When traveling to Israel, give Krav Maga a try. 

All in all, traveling is the perfect time to get creative when it comes to health. Experience new cultures and the foods that go along with them, but just remember that moderation is key. Get out to see the sights, opting for bike tours and walking tours whenever you can.