Benefits of Using an All-In-One Launcher for PC Gaming

A game launcher is a software that helps organize your gaming experience. You can use one to keep track of your games, stay informed about news in the industry, and more. Some launchers also include features like performance optimization and customizable categories and filters. An extensive PC gaming library can take much work to keep organized. Many digital game stores require their launcher software to be open before playing games.

Organize Your Game Collection

One of the main reasons why a PC game launcher exists is to help gamers organize their games. This is especially helpful for those who have expansive Windows game libraries. The best game launchers are easy to use, feature various games, and offer features that help gamers make sense of their extensive collections. They can also help find deals on games they are interested in buying. Game launchers have a wide range of features, including the ability to organize games by publisher and genre, and often offer exclusive discounts on games. These game launchers can help gamers keep their gaming collection organized and their computer running smoothly.

Speed Up Game Launching

There was a time when playing PC games was as simple as opening up, booting up the game, and then getting on with it. Unfortunately, those days are long gone. We’re now in an era of bloaty, resource-hungry game launchers. Many game launchers install shared system libraries, such as the C++ Redistributable. Previously, each game would establish its version of these libraries, which could lead to multiple different versions being installed on a computer and slowing it down. With game launchers, these are handled by one program, which can often speed up launch times.

Optimize Your System

A good PC gaming launcher can help keep your computer running at peak performance by eliminating unnecessary tasks that consume your CPU and GPU resources. These apps can eat up processing power and lead to a lag in the game or other problems. Some can even damage your hardware if left unchecked over prolonged periods. Some game launchers also offer system optimization features, like the ability to install standard system libraries required by many games. This saves your computer from having dozens of different versions of the same library (like C++ Redistributable) installed. Other features can optimize your system for a better gaming experience by displaying game stats, performance reports, and driver updates from a single interface. You only have to click a button or two, and your computer will be ready for a great gaming session.

Save Money

Using a gaming launcher is an excellent option if you’re looking to streamline your game experience and keep track of your entire library. In addition to organizing your games, these programs can help you save money. For instance, some offer a wide variety of free games each week. While these are available for a limited time, they’re yours to keep once you grab them. The same goes for other game stores, which have a massive selection of classic titles, often giving away new and older games.


Game launchers offer a variety of features to optimize your PC gaming experience. For example, they help install shared system libraries – such as DirectX and C++ Redistributable, that many games require. Previously, each game would establish its version of these libraries, which can slow down your computer if running multiple games. Moreover, they provide a central location to purchase games and receive updates and patches. This is a much more efficient way of getting games than hunting down individual game websites or waiting for your local game store to get them in stock. While some game companies have moved away from their launchers, some big-name game publishers will continue with their versions of a launcher/store. This is because they want to keep a more significant share of their revenue and have more control over telemetry (data collection).