Elevate Your Bedroom Game - Secrets to Making Her Squirt

A lot of women have a tremendous amount of shame around squirting. It looks and feels like pee, so it’s been labeled a dirty sexual act.

However, this is a very normal female orgasm and should be celebrated. You must be relaxed and ready to explore her erogenous zones to make her squirt.

Make Her Feel Comfortable

A comfortable and confident woman in her bedroom is much more likely to squirt. This is why foreplay is so important. Whether gently brushing her earlobe with your breath or whispering sweet nothings or some dirty talk, this will help her get into the right frame of mind to start feeling more and more titillated as the night goes on.

This is especially important because squirting can be pretty uncomfortable for some women. Many women feel like they are peeing, and because of societal programming and shame, they may think this is not good. So they must know it is not and relax and go with the flow.

Another reason why comfort is so essential is that squirting can be messy. Many people will dribble or even leak a little, which means their sheets may get wet, which they do not want to deal with. For this reason, it is a good idea to put out several full-size towels so she can cover herself and save her sheets.

It is also essential for her to know that you will love her through whatever comes. Often, women will have emotional releases during or after (or even in preparation for) their squirt. They will feel overwhelmed, scared, or embarrassed by it, but you must support them and remind them that what she is experiencing is normal and a part of the female sexual experience.

Put Her in the Right Position

Now, the question you might ask is, how do I make a woman squirt? For her to squirt, her vagina and vulva need to be at total capacity for arousal. That takes time and can be difficult for most men to understand. “Exploring the internal vaginal tissue to see what areas have arousal and erotic potential is key for making a woman squirt,” “It’s a process, not a sprint to the finish line.”

For beginners, try using the Missionary position (her head on your lap and your knees spread wide). From there, encourage her to arch her hips into a low bridge so that she can meet your penis at the ideal angle for penetration. Add clitoral stimulation and fingering to the mix, and her pleasure will escalate until she starts to cum.

Remember that squirting doesn’t suit everyone, and some people never squirt. Be patient, and give her plenty of foreplay so she’s relaxed and ready to spray. It may take several sessions before you both get to the point of squirting, but don’t give up! It’s well worth the effort. For extra pleasure, try this slight variation on the Missionary position: Have her lean back slightly and straddle one of your legs so that you can rub her g-spot with your penis. It’s a little trickier to visualize but trust us, it’s worth the effort!

Use Your Fingers

Using your fingers is a highly effective method to make her squirt and get her orgasm started. This is especially true if you use a water-based lube, as it helps to intensify the sensations and gives her much more arousal.

Start by rubbing her G Spot in a circular motion with lots of pressure. After a few strokes, gradually increase the intensity and speed of your movements until you’re stroking like the classic come hither wiggle. You should eventually be able to etch out a deep scoop that runs forward over her G spot. This should cause her to tingle in anticipation as she waits for you to take her over the top and into that squirting orgasm.

Another technique is to rub her clitoris and labia with your fingers and then move up over her vulva. This is also a great way to get her orgasm started, as it causes her clitoris and labia to swell and becomes even more sensitive.

Ultimately, you want to stimulate her vulva and G spot as much as possible so that she feels total capacity for arousal. Getting her in this state is the most crucial step, as it will prepare her to be squirted on. This is why it’s essential that you’ve removed the Brakes preventing her from squirting and intensified her Accelerators as described in our guides to turning her on and making her crazy horny.

Be Prepared

If you’re confident, she’ll see it, which makes her turn on. A big part of that comes from having a clean space that you’re comfortable in. This doesn’t mean going to bed, but a few minutes each day picking up clutter can go a long way to helping you feel prepared and confident in your bedroom.

One trick to doing this is to make use of mood lighting. Instead of fumbling around for the overhead light and briefly overexposing yourself and her, you can use a connected home system to preset your room’s ambiance ahead of time.

Having a carafe of water and a pair of glasses on the bedside table can also help you stay in the moment without popping out into the kitchen for a glass of H2O. Finally, a bowl of mints is always a good idea to ensure you can freshen your breath after devouring that garlic bucatini.