A prepaid funeral plan allows you to plan for your funeral in advance. It gives you the control to plan how the funeral ceremony should be conducted. It covers the expenses of services and items that may be needed at the time of funeral. However, not every funeral plan is the same. Therefore, choose a funeral plan that satisfies your requirements.

Insurance companies offer many funeral plans with varying benefits. If you’ve already planned for your funeral and have a general estimate of costs, you can purchase the right insurance plan. Visit to get a funeral insurance plan.

What’s Included in a Funeral Plan?

Funeral insurance plans do not cover all expenses of funeral. Get in touch with the insurance company to know more about their offered plans. Here are the costs that are usually covered by a basic funeral insurance plan.


The funeral service will cover the expenses of purchasing a coffin for burial. However, basic plans pay for a simple coffin only. You should opt for a premium plan if you want to choose a high quality coffin for burial service.

Burial Plot

Basic funeral insurance plans usually do not pay for a burial plot. It is recommended to buy a plot in your life. However, if you do not intend to buy a plot soon, you should go for an insurance plan that covers the costs of burial plot in order to save your family from financial issues.


When a person dies at home, their body needs to be moved to a funeral home. Your funeral insurance will pay for the transportation costs.

Care of the Deceased

The body of the deceased person is kept in the funeral home until burial. The funeral home will charge money for this duration. These costs are usually included in a funeral plan. Do not forget to ask the insurance company whether the costs of embalming the body are included in insurance cover.

Burial Service

The body of the deceased person is moved to cemetery via hearse and usually, your insurance plan covers its costs. Also, it will pay for the costs of burial service at a local cemetery. However, some insurance plans only pay for a portion of burial costs and the remaining amount must be paid by your family.

Funeral Fee

After the death of a person, the family has to obtain certain legal documents. They have to pay for funeral services, death certificate and other legalities. Funeral insurance will pay for all these expenses if you have chosen the right plan.

The insurance company may also pay for bereavement counselling services acquired by close family members of the deceased.

Why You Should Buy Funeral Insurance?

Your family will need to purchase various items to conduct funeral ceremony. In order to lock these costs at current prices, you should opt for a funeral plan. This means you can get funeral items in future at today’s price. It saves your family from various problems and ensures that the funeral ceremony will be conducted smoothly.