Did you know that 77% of Americans who work full-time have experienced burnout? Burnout refers to job-based stress that may leave workers feeling exhausted and drained. With more than 3/4 of Americans suffering from burnout, it’s time for a change.

Studies have shown that happy employees are more productive and overall healthier. Keep reading to learn more about employee happiness in relation to productivity.

Why Happy Employees are More Productive

The first question to answer is “Why are happy employees more productive?” There are numerous reasons for the correlation between productivity and happiness. Here are a few reasons to keep in mind.

Happy Employees are Healthier: Physically and Mentally

Burnout can lead to a weakened immune system, leading to employees getting sick. By keeping employees happy, you reduce the likelihood that they’ll call out sick, thus saving your company money.

In addition, a happier workplace leads to employees with better mental health. This is important because employees with depression or anxiety may call out of work more often. 

Happy Employees Stick Around

Employee turnover makes your life a lot more difficult. On average, it costs 33% of a worker’s annual salary to replace them. On top of that, you have to hire and train a new employee to take their place.

When employees are happy with their workplace, they’re likely to stay at their job for longer. Increased retention rates will benefit your business.

Happy Employees Support Each Other

When an employee is in a bad mood, they aren’t likely to go out of their way to help others. However, the opposite is also true. Happy employees are more likely to help others. 

With employees supporting each other, you’ll have fewer people waiting around for answers. More people will take initiative to get things done. 

How to Boost Employee Satisfaction

Provide Opportunities for Growth

It’s important that you provide your employees with opportunities to grow and improve. Helping your employees set goals and providing incentives will help to improve the talents they already have. When employees feel successful, they will naturally also feel happier. 

There are many ways to encourage growth within your business. To begin with, have your employees set goals. This will help them know what you hope they’ll achieve. 

Build an Inclusive Culture

Your employees need to feel safe when they’re at work. A comfortable workplace will lead to higher employee satisfaction — and thus higher employee productivity.

To start, find solutions to diversity, equity, and inclusion. This page on DEI consulting offers some suggestions for how to get started. 

Offer Mental Health Resources

As we mentioned above, happy employees need to be mentally healthy. It’s vital that your employees feel supported and heard. 

Be intentional about informing staff that support is available and providing them with resources. 

Create a Productive Workplace by Ensuring Employee Happiness

With the knowledge that happy employees are more productive, take the time to create a positive work environment. Ensuring employee happiness is sure to benefit your business.

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