How To Book Interstate Movers (Removalists) In Australia

How do removals work in Australia?

Choosing an Interstate Removalist in Australia is essential to ensure the best outcome for your move. Obtaining a clear and transparent quote is critical to ensure no surprise-hidden costs occur during your interstate move. 

Ensure your interstate removalist understands and respects the care the moving process requires. When moving interstate in Australia, make sure you get multiple moving quotes. If a removalist is filling their last slot, they may give a discount, as it is better than leaving that spot open. When deciding which supplier to choose, check their online testimonials to gauge their experience and professionalism.

What are the average Interstate Removal Costs?

Obtaining quotes for comparison will ensure you get the best price for your Interstate move. Costs get based on the number of items and distance needed to move. Fees will also fluctuate based on purchasing materials like boxes or if you do the packing and unpacking yourself. Transport insurance costs will also get factored into the cost of the job. 

Costs for your interstate removals job will depend on the following:

  • The required truck size
  • Labour or quantity of staff needed
  • The time and distance to and from your locations
  • The day of the week and season can also impact moving costs
  • The type of equipment needed to move oversized items
  • The location of your property (stairs/access) can greatly affect the cost

The size of the job and the truck required will determine the hourly rate for your interstate job. For example, a large property may require three to four removalists along with a 12-16 tonne truck. The distance and time required to travel will also affect your moving cost. 

Interstate moving quotes will vary greatly depending on whether you are moving from a one-bedroom apartment or a four-plus-bedroom house. Apartments often require accessing stairs or lifts. Ensure you get access to lift keys before the move. 

Comparing interstate mover’s quotes will ensure you get the most competitive rates. For a more definitive guide on moving costs in Australia, check 

What to look out for when hiring an Interstate Removalist

Getting transparency regarding additional costs and time frame issues is vital to not getting a surprise when you get the final bill. Requesting a written quote will ensure the price is within your required budget.

Ensure your Interstate removalist is aware of the quarantine laws and regulations between states. For example, plants/machinery/soil and recreational equipment are often subject to quarantine regulations.

In the early stages of liaising with your interstate removalist, discuss the plan for moving your precious or oversized items.

Your removalist’s truck must be well serviced and ready for a long interstate journey. The moving truck should have plenty of transport strapping and blankets to ensure limited movement and a smooth journey for your precious items.

Make sure you understand the interstate removals insurance policies. Ask questions to understand what damage gets covered to items and property in the event of an accident. 

Great tips for moving interstate

  • It is crucial to ensure you choose a professional removalist company, one that is specialised and experienced. Online testimonials and asking questions can give you insight.
  • Ensure your interstate removals company is fully insured to ensure you are covered for any unexpected event.
  • Ensure that your quote covers all required costs such as boxes, packing, unpacking, insurance and transport. 
  • Ask the moving company if you will get a discount if you travel in off-peak times.
  • You can save lots of money by hiring moving materials from a website such as The Box Rental Company. The cost to hire is cheaper, and the packing materials are superior. 
  • Consider storage solutions before you move if there is an unexpected need to leave something behind.
  • When packing your goods, clearly label your boxes so you can quickly unpack these at your new destination. 
  • Do not overload large boxes and firmly reinforce the bottoms with tape.
  • Making an inventory list can be helpful. 
  • Take any furniture, clothing or garden items that you no longer need to a charity shop. 
  • Notify your removalist of oversized items such as BBQs/bikes, outdoor furniture, trampolines and outdoor play equipment. 
  • It is beneficial to un-assemble bulky items before moving day.
  • Advise utility suppliers of your disconnection and notify your memberships, licenses, and registrations of address changes. 
  • Research and organise home insurance and home and contents for your new home before moving in.

In summary, choosing the correct interstate removalist is critical to a smooth move. Finding professional, reputable local suppliers is easy when you use Ezzy Quotes

To get interstate removals quotes in Australia follow the below steps:

  1. Enter your to and from address
  2. Provide basic details of the job like how many rooms and the date you would like to hire removalists
  3. Provide a detailed inventory list of the items you would like to move
  4. Provide your contact details so the removals suppliers can contact you with competitive quotes
  5. Wait for the quotes to come in. 

In major cities, three to four suppliers will provide quotes within an hour of submitting your job. Interstate Removal quotes have never been easier to obtain