iPhone X

The iPhone X is Apple’s newest and best smartphone yet. Just like Apple’s previous smartphone releases, people waited in line to get their hands on the iPhone X—and the reviews have been spectacular so far. However, if you’re still thinking about whether you should switch out your current iPhone with the iPhone X (or if you’re currently using an Android phone) and you still need reasons to convince you to jump on the bandwagon, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 5 reasons why you should upgrade to the iPhone X.

1. The iPhone X has the largest screen-phone ratio yet

The new iPhone X has the largest screen real estate yet. What this means is, given the size of the phone, the screen takes up most of the surface. Apple removed the home button and integrated it within the screen, maximizing the screen-phone ratio. The only things you’ll find on the front of the phone (aside from the screen, of course) are the front-facing camera and sensors, which can get in the way of watching videos full-screen. These might be annoying at first, but you’ll get used to it after a while. You also have the option to change the ratio of the video on the screen so you don’t see the camera and sensors while you watch.

2. The iPhone X has a face sensor

Since Apple took away the home button, you can’t really use your thumbprint to unlock your phone anymore. However, they did replace this with an awesome facial recognition system, which is one of the most impressive features of the iPhone X. All you have to do is to look at your phone and, like magic, the sensor will unlock it for you. You can also use the sensor for the iPhone X’s animojis, wherein you use your face and movements to animate the emojis in the phone.

3. The iPhone X has gorgeous hardware

If you’re paying a thousand bucks for a smartphone, you’d want it to look good, right? The iPhone X’s design is probably one of the best yet. The glass really gives it a very modern look, while the steel around the perimeter gives it a more sophisticated feel than aluminum. Apple has really taken the design of their smartphone to new heights with the iPhone X.

4. The iPhone X’s cameras are almost professional

The focus on both the front and rear cameras will make you look like a professional photographer. In fact, the pictures you take with the iPhone X will almost look like you took them with a DSLR. Not only that, paired with the screen that uses Apple’s TrueTone technology, you get colors that are so accurate, even with poor lighting.

5. The iPhone X lets you go wireless

Wires have been a part of every piece of technology since the beginning of time, but Apple will take you to the future with its wireless charger and earphones. With the iPhone X, you can get those pesky wires out of the way and out of your life.

The iPhone X has crazy good features, so what’s left to think about? Upgrade your smartphone to the new iPhone X.