While other social media sites and platforms have gained ground in recent years, Facebook remains the biggest player. It averages around 2.9 billion monthly active users.

Of course, popularity with users doesn’t always convert into a great advertising platform. While a business can theoretically advertise on Twitter, the nature of the Twitter feed encourages users to scroll past anything that isn’t immediately interesting.

On the other hand, there are several benefits of advertising on Facebook. Keep reading to learn more about these benefits.

Reach Active Users

One of the more challenging elements of marketing is knowing whether your ads ever reach living breathing human beings. After all, you mostly just have to take a platform’s word for it that active users see your ads or even exist on the platform.

With nearly 3 billion active users on the Facebook platform, you know that your paid social ads are almost certainly reaching legitimate, active users.

Customized Audiences

One of the big benefits of marketing on Facebook is that it lets you do a lot of audience customizing. You can fine-tune your audience by age, interests, geographic location, and even hobbies.

That level of audience customization gives you far better odds of getting your ads in front of the people who are most likely to want your product.

Ad Customization

Another one of the benefits of Facebook advertising is that you get a lot of latitude in the types of advertising you use. Just some of the options include:

  • Static photos
  • Videos
  • Messenger ads
  • Stories
  • Slideshows

This wide range of options lets you showcase your product or service in the way that best shows off its features or benefits.

Reasonably Low Cost

For anyone in the middle of growing a brand, advertising costs are often a big deal. Facebook runs a fairly standard pay-per-click approach, but it typically runs near or below the costs for similar ads on other platforms. Plus, you can set your overall budget for the campaign, which gives you much more granular control over your costs.

Performance Tracking

Facebook runs its advertising through an in-house system. Part of that system is a surprisingly sophisticated set of performance tracking tools. You get a range of useful insights and even a performance prediction option.

On top of that, the platform even supports A/B testing. That kind of testing can help you fine-tune the language in ads for maximum performance.

Leveraging the Benefits of Advertising on Facebook

Leveraging the benefits of advertising on Facebook starts with understanding your ideal customers. If you don’t know who you want to buy your product or service, you can’t target them.

Start with an ideal customer profile. That profile will let you narrow down your audience on Facebook.

The results you get from those ads will also help you validate that profile. If you see sales increase, odds are good your profile is on target. If sales remain the same, your profile likely needs work.

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