Around 100 million Americans participate in some form of boating each year. And those numbers have risen since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Are you thinking about getting on board and hitting the seas?

If you want to get out on the high seas, we can help. Read on to find out how to prepare for your first-ever sailing trip.

Pick Your Destination

When you’re new to boating, you don’t want to choose sailing destinations that are too ambitious. You should start with shorter, less arduous paths. Look for areas where the water doesn’t get too choppy. If you’re not sure where you should sail, ask any experienced sailors in your life what they recommend.

And, you shouldn’t start off solo. That can quickly lead to a dangerous scenario. Begins by sailing with other people, and once you’re used to the process you can start working towards a short solo trip.

You should also be as informed as possible. Read up on sailing procedures in advance. If possible, try and take a sailing class to teach you the ropes.

Prepare Yourself

There are plenty of things you’ll need when you’re out on the water. The sun can get hot, so bring lots of sunscreen and at least one hat. Bring a first-aid kit with you in case of any minor accidents. Of course, you’ll need plenty of water on hand.

If you’re crossing any borders, you’ll need additional paperwork. Ensure any medications are stored safely on the boat so that they don’t get damaged by the environment. 

And, having the right shoes are very important for your sailing trip. You don’t want to be slipping and sliding all over the deck, so invest in a solid pair of non-slip shoes. 

You don’t want to overpack, either. First-time sailors don’t always know how cramped the quarters can be on board a boat. Keep to the essentials whenever possible.

Plan For Emergencies

You always need to have an emergency plan when you’re out on a boating excursion. It can get dangerous very quickly if the weather changes or something goes wrong. 

Always ensure that someone knows where you’re going and what your plan is, whether you’re in a big group or sailing by yourself. This will help people locate you if something goes wrong. 

Get The Right Boat

You can’t take a sailing trip without a boat, right? You may be joining a sailing charter, in which case this will be taken care of for you. But, if you’re taking a DIY approach, you’ll have more choices. 

If you’re going with an experienced captain and want to forego a tiny sailboat, you may want to look into used yachts for sale.

Start Planning Your First Sailing Trip

With these tips, you’ll have no problem having the time of your life on your first sailing trip.

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