Is this the year of the phone calls?

Outbound calls represent a great way to reach new prospects and get your name out there for your business. These calls can also help you manage customer relationships or help you support new employee training. But are you optimizing the experience and increasing your calls’ volume?

This post will explore how you can increase the outbound calls you make. This way, you can boost the effectiveness of your marketing, customer support, and employee training. But before we dig in, here are some ways.

1. Evaluate Your Phone System

When you’re looking to up the volume and impact of your outbound calls, you should take a look at your phone system and make sure it’s up to snuff. If you’re using an old, outdated system, it might be time for an upgrade. 

2. Hire More Caller Agents

One way to increase the volume and impact of your outbound calls is to hire more caller agents. With more agents making calls, you’ll be able to reach more people, pitch your product or service to a larger audience, and close more sales.

Hiring more agents also allows you to make more calls in a shorter period, which can be beneficial when time is of the essence. Not to mention, having a team of agents making calls can be a morale booster for your company as a whole.

3. Train Your Agents

Make sure your agents go through proper training. This means they should know how to use the dialer, what to say to the prospect, and be familiar with the product or service you’re selling.

For added motivation of increasing volume and impact is to offer incentives for making calls. This could be in the form of bonus commissions, gift cards, or even paid time off. 

4. Implement a Local Presence

Implement a local presence by setting up a local phone number and/or address which makes it easier for people in your target market to get in touch with you.

Using a local presence when contacting potential customers or clients makes it more likely that they will pick up the phone or respond to your correspondence.

Consider also using a local voicemail or greeting when making outbound calls so that people know they are speaking with a company or individual based in their area.

5. Schedule Your Calls

The best outbound call strategy is to time your calls. This means calling when you know the person you are trying to reach will be available and not busy. If you can, avoid calling during lunch hours and early in the morning or late at night.

You want to make sure the person you are speaking to is available and can give you their full attention. When you time your calls, you are more likely to have a productive conversation that will lead to results.

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More Outbound Calls Means More Business Sales Opportunity

If you want to increase the volume and impact of your outbound calls, there are a few things you can do. First, make sure you are calling during peak times. Second, use a script to guide your calls. Finally, offer something of value to your prospect.

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